Carol Freeman - Paper Panther

Paper Panther is an award-winning studio based in the heart of Dublin City. Headed by the founder and director Carol Freeman, they are a close-knit team of creatives who specialise in hand-crafted, stop-motion techniques. Whether the story calls for felt puppets, paper cut-outs, or hand-painted animation, they view each project as a new opportunity to create something unique. Their short film and commercial work have racked up over 60 awards and screened at prestigious festivals around the world.


Ode to May O’Flaherty and Mary King

The basic form of this piece is a female figure running, morphing, and changing from fluid shapes, to cubist blocks, eventually separating into abstract shapes that fill the screen and reforming to continue the cycle. The inspiration comes from the female ownership of Parsons Bookshop, inspiring artists, poets, and writers over four decades. Each step she takes morphs and changes her to suggest the passing of ideas and cross inspiration between so many important Irish artists that took place there.

Created by Carol Freeman, Katie Sherlock, and Ciara Nolan of Paper Panther.