Creating a space for culture

We value the spaces in and around our buildings

Great cities comprise layered spaces where art, design, and creativity meet with architecture to fashion places for shared experiences, new thinking, and quieter contemplation.

Wilton Park Studios

Thriving cities make room for creativity. Responding to the crisis in spaces for artists to work in Dublin, we partnered with the Royal Hibernian Academy to fully fund three artist’s studios at Wilton Park. Established in 2019, the studios offer six-month residencies to artists at crucial stages in their careers, when such supports are vital.


Working with the RHA

We are proud to support the Royal Hibernian Academy (the RHA). It supports and promotes artists through its membership, with masterclasses and a strong community programme. IPUT is proud to have funded a RHA Schools Arts Initiative, as well as exhibitions and events throughout the year.

Through our close relationship with the RHA, we have also commissioned artists to produce public art works, such as Leah Hewson’s vast installation, Abiding Traces, for the Tropical Fruit Warehouse hoarding at Sir John Rogerson’s Quay.

Living Canvas

Living Canvas is a public art initiative by IPUT Real Estate that offers an exciting platform for artists to showcase their work.

More about Living Canvas

Supporting the Graphic Studio Gallery

As patrons, we are delighted to become part of this illustrious tradition and support the craft of printmaking in Ireland. Our support also includes commissioning fine art prints, such as a limited edition by Irish artist, Shane O’Driscoll. We also collaborate on portfolios, a recent commission being for leading Irish writer, Colm Tóibín, contributing a text for a portfolio with artist, Charles Tyrrell.


Photo benches at Carrickmines

We relocated the photo benches from Wilton Park to our scheme at Carrickmines – bringing the work of award-winning artists such as Martin Gale, Jean Bardon, and Niall Naessens to an entirely new audience. These exhibitions are part of the Living Canvas initiative.


Partnering with the National Concert Hall

IPUT Real Estate Dublin in collaboration with the National Concert Hall and the OPW brought Ellen Reid’s SOUNDWALK to Dublin. SOUNDWALK is an immersive audio experience, accessed via a GPS-enabled app, that when downloaded, takes users of the iconic and historic St. Stephen’s Green on a sonic adventure offering differing soundscapes while bringing music to the public in a new and innovative way. Created by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Ellen Reid, this exciting new project blends public art and music to illuminate the natural environment.


We value the spaces in and around our buildings and have commissioned leading Irish artists to create works that feature across our portfolio and surrounding neighbourhoods.

Ruth Lyons

Wave Junction

IPUT Real Estate Dublin commissioned artist Ruth Lyons to create ‘Wave Junction’ a dramatic public artwork on two axis, a vertical waveform clad in charred timber, and a curving horizontal bench that snakes along the ground.

'Wave Junction' was curated by Aisling Prior and supported by Fingal County Council.

Charles Tyrell RHA

Liffey Grid

We commissioned Charles to make a set of gates for our Tropical Fruit Warehouse building on Sir John Rogerson’s Quay. The gates stand at 4 x 10 meters and incorporate vitreous enamel. ‘Liffey Grid’ is Dublin’s largest outdoor painting.

Shane O’Driscoll

Lux Prima, First Light

Shane’s commission is about creating new studio work following the lockdown. It’s a new starting point with the introduction of composition shapes that take reference from the IPUT Making it Work graphic logo. The shapes have been reconfigured to create a visual language throughout the new development and are integral to the space’s identity.

James Earley

Undercurrents, 2021

'Undercurrents' is a site-specific artwork that takes its inspiration from The River Liffey, an iconic landmark that connects us geographically and culturally.

The artwork’s design seeks to depict the river’s currents through long, flowing strands. The interwoven pattern these abstract forms create represent the complex and interconnected nature of our physical and digital lives.

This bespoke, hand-crafted rug was produced in Ireland.

Joseph Walsh

Magnus V

Irish artist Joseph Walsh was commissioned to create ‘Magnus V’, a seven-metre-high ash sculpture for the reception of 10 Molesworth Street. It is visible to the public through windows on both the Molesworth Street and South Frederick Street sides of the buildings.

Eilis O’Connell, RHA

Night Gates

As part of our commitment to public art, we commissioned leading Irish sculptor Eilis O’Connell to produce two pieces of work at 10 Molesworth Street. The first piece is 'Night Gates' which adorns the entrance to the building. It is an intricately designed set of sliding gates featuring a series of large organic leaf shapes.

Eilis O’Connell, RHA


The second piece of work we commissioned for 10 Molesworth Street by leading Irish sculptor Eilis O’Connell is 'Unfurl'. 'Unfurl' is a major patinated bronze sculpture that sits in the building’s courtyard.

‘Canal water’ by Colm Tóibín

An original piece of prose by award winning Irish writer, Colm Tóibín. In this short film Colm recites his work and speaks about the Wilton Park neighbourhood and its influence on Irish literature.

Making In

IPUT is the founding corporate sponsor of Making In, an annual gathering of makers and like-minded individuals who believe in sharing the skills and knowledge of craftsmanship across various disciplines.

Speakers and contributors

Patrick Murphy
Director, Royal Hibernian Academy

“The city is a place for people to collect together, to have a communal exchange.”

Kimmo Lintula
Partner, K2S Architects

“A good place for me is about scale and accessibility, but it’s also about the soul, or the feel or the sound of the place.”

Glenn Adamson
Curator, Writer and Historian

“The project of urban development and the project of personal development and the creation of a workshop like this, there is a lot in common and the conversation between the two is quite rich.”

Niall Gaffney
Chief Executive, IPUT

“That emotional contention that public art, good craft or good finishes gives to, someone like ourselves, that is looking to design better places, is so important.”

Wahei Aoyama
A Lighthouse called Kanata

“Great works of art and design fill a human sense of desire for happiness.”