Building and managing efficient and future-ready buildings

Environmental footprint

From designing buildings to be more energy efficient, to actively tracking the operational performance of our buildings, we continue to develop a multifaceted energy management strategy.

Protecting and nurturing biodiversity

We are gaining a better understanding of how our assets impact on nature. It offers some of our best defences against poor air quality, flooding and droughts. By embracing nature-positive interventions, we can help to build a more resilient and attractive city.


Floating gardens

The floating gardens across our St. Stephen’s Green estate were designed to enhance the biodiversity of the surrounding area, providing a source of pollen and nectar for bees and butterflies.

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Earlsfort Gardens

During 2019, we invested in a new urban park at 5 & 6 Earlsfort Terrace, designed by award-winning landscape architect Robert Townshend. With views of the National Concert Hall, the park’s sustainable urban landscaping and reflective water feature provides a tranquil public place for occupiers and visitors alike.


Wilton Park

We see the one-acre Wilton Park, on which our major development in the neighbourhood is centred, as an important renewed public space for the city. In 2019, we reopened this privately-held park in line with other public parks in the city and began a programme of improvement, such as installing new benches and rolling out a park management regime. During the summer months, we also provided deckchairs and hosted seasonal events to reactivate this space for the local community.

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Portfolio resilience

Material re-use

We recently completed our development of Tropical Fruit Warehouse. This protected structure has been sensitively restored. By preserving the exposed brick, stone walls, feature keystones and original timber roof trusses, we have been able to re-imagine this building, paying careful attention to its rich heritage and circularity opportunities.

Portfolio resilience

Extended service life

At The Exchange we worked to develop a digital twin. This tool helps to inform the Planned Preventative Maintenance schedule to ensure heating, cooling and ventilation equipment is operated efficiently to preserve and extend its operational life.

Portfolio resilience

Flexible and adaptable

Our flexible lease offering, ‘Making it Work’, applies a versatile design which is easily adapted through modular changes to floor layouts. We work with our occupiers to encourage flexible solutions and to avoid unnecessary hard builds. We can redeploy furniture across the portfolio, minimising the waste typically associated with fitting out workspaces.


LEED Certification

We currently have 30% of our portfolio certified. With our current development pipeline and in-use certification plans, this will increase to 60% by 2025.

Dedicated management

Our Asset Services team provides an enhanced level of management for our extensive occupier base. The teams have direct and regular engagement with our occupiers and together with the My IPUT app help connect them with their workspace community.


Winter 2023 Occupier Update

Our commitment to sustainability is underscored by the strong engagement we have with our occupiers. We provide quarterly updates to our occupiers to help promote engagement and information sharing. This update includes some news updates from around the portfolio, including new sustainability initiatives and plans for this year’s wellbeing programme.


Earlsfort food festival

As part of our Occupier Engagement and Wellbeing programme, we regularly host events for our occupier clients. In 2023, we hosted a Mini Food Festival at Earlsfort Gardens. Occupiers from across our portfolio enjoyed a complimentary lunch from a selection of food providers, a cookery demonstration and live music at the Mini Food Festival.


Occupier events

We regularly run events for our occupiers in our auditorium at Making it Work, Pearse Street. These events, which to date have included bicycle repair clinics, first aid training and cookery demonstrations, are available to everyone that works in an IPUT building. Events are bookable through our occupier app MyIPUT. This auditorium space can also be booked by our occupier clients to host their own events.