Making Better

is the next step in our thought leadership journey.

IPUT Real Estate Dublin has led the conversation about the future of work, life, and place.

IPUT continued this journey in September 2023 by hosting a major thought leadership event, ‘Making Better.’ The event included input from leaders in real estate and the built environment from Europe and the US, emphasising how thoughtful design can influence the future of the workplace, neighbourhoods, and cities.

Marie Hunt, Head of Research, IPUT

We want to kickstart what is a very topical but very necessary conversation about how thoughtful and considered design can help us to make better workplaces, better neighbourhoods and better cities.

Speakers and contributors

Dan Shannon, MdeAS Architects
Brad Zizmor, Architecture + Information

“Our clients rent offices not as a warehouse for their people but as a home for their brand, their culture, their thinking.”

Shelley McNamara and Yvonne Farrell, Grafton Architects

“The major risk is to do nothing, to stay the same. It’s not risky to look at the future and build in adaptability.”

Edwin Heathcote, Financial Times

“The question is how do we maintain status as a globalising city but still maintain the character of Dublin.”

June Koh, Cushman & Wakefield
Camilla Siggaard Andersen, Hassell

“We’re missing an opportunity to shape environments that allow people to thrive.”