Cian McKenna

Cian McKenna is a Director, Motion Designer, and reformed graphic designer from the Visual Communications BA in DIT. After interning on the 3x3 programme, Cian went on to work for design studios such as Detail, Design Studio, and Image, before joining Windmill Lane Pictures as a Motion Design Lead. Now freelance, Cian works for a wide variety of international and domestic clients on moving-image projects. Originally from Dublin, Cian now lives and works in Westport, Co. Mayo.


Is it About a Bicycle

Is it about a Bicycle, may or may not be about a bicycle. It may not even be about many bicycles. It also may or may not be a quiet, slightly amusing, and fittingly off-kilter homage to the literary genius that was Brian O’Nolan (aka Flann O’Brien, aka Myles na gCopaleen) The piece draws a connection between the musings on the nature of bicycles as described in O’Nolans seminal ‘The Third Policeman’ to the constant busy flow of cyclists along the canal today.