Roman Hill

Roman Hill is a Paris based artist who explores the microscopic world to reach the immensity of the universe. In his Paris atelier Roman creates immersive macro worlds of hypnotic abstract imagery based on a variety of physical phenomena and chemical reactions. Abdul Mogard is a music composer from Belgrade, Serbia. His music invites the listener into an introspective and hypnotic journey through richly textured soundscapes.



Light travels 8 minutes 20 seconds from the surface of the boiling sun to delicate life on earth. Illumination is an invitation to follow the journey of a light beam through an hypnotic, contemplative and meditative cosmic Trip. Without any use of CGI (computer generated imagery) the piece was created by filming ultra close ups of colorful chemical reactions and live organisms. A Score was created by Abul Mogard, offering an immersive, introspective experience, with the hope of creating the context to the visual work.