Sergey Maslov

Sergey Maslov has been working in the motion design field for the past 8 years. Studying at the British Higher School of Design, he later worked at Sila Sveta’s studio as a CG artist as well as a lead broadcast designer on a federal TV channel. In 2020, he founded his own CG production studio called ‘Smaslom’ and presented his educational course for motion designers, ‘The Author’s Awakening’. Sergey is also the creator of a massive collaboration called Symbiosis. His non-commercial short three-act film ‘Triptych’ is a multi-award winner of international festivals.


The Creative Relay

Sergey used the principle of creative relay as the main artistic tool for this project, with the sound directors creating small narrative audio sketches, which were passed on to the motion designers. The basis for this piece is a voice recording of the poem 'Let me come inland always' by Mary Lavin, performed by Cathy Belton. With the help of an algorithm, the poem generates a real visual wave based on the dynamics of sound vibrations from the audio track.

In the context of the visual narrative and my author’s idea, the poet stands on the bank of the Grand Canal and reads her poem, while the waves of her rolling voice spread over the water’s surface.