IPUT Leading Digital Connectivity in Ireland

26 July 2018

IPUT plc is pleased to announce that it is the largest adopter of WiredScore’s ‘Wired Certification’ in Ireland with 15 of IPUT’s office buildings certified to date.

Wired Certification acts as a trusted benchmark for buildings, giving greater transparency to tenants on the digital connectivity of commercial buildings. It assesses a number of factors that determine quality of connectivity, including, ease of access to internet providers, availability of Wi-Fi in the building, and how secure and resilient the digital infrastructure of a building is.

WiredScore offers four levels of building rating for qualifying buildings including: Certified, Silver, Gold, and the highest possible rating of Platinum.

Highlights of IPUT’s Wired Certification achievements are:

Niall Gaffney, Chief Executive, IPUT plc commented: “We are delighted to be the largest adopter of WiredScore’s independent connectivity ratings in Ireland, which further highlights the first-class levels of digital connectivity that IPUT is committed to across its portfolio. As Dublin’s commercial office specialist, we understand the importance of connectivity for our tenants and Wired Certification aligns with our commitment of actively managing our assets to ensure we continue to meet, and exceed, the requirements of our occupiers.” enhance connectivity and ratings on all office buildings in the portfolio, which will provide a better experience for tenants;

  • To date, 15 buildings comprising almost 1 million sq. ft. of IPUT’s office portfolio have achieved Wired Certification;
  • Two of IPUT’s landmark developments – One Wilton Park and 10 Molesworth Street – have already been awarded a Wired Certified Platinum rating, confirming their position as among the best-connected buildings in the world;
  • IPUT has been awarded Certified and Silver ratings across its other assets and is currently working with WiredScore to
  • IPUT has committed to securing a minimum of Wired Certified Gold rating for all its developments and refurbishments currently going through the certification process.

About WiredScore

WiredScore launched Wired Certification in 2013 in partnership with Mayor Bloomberg and the City of New York. Wired Certification champions cutting-edge technology in commercial real estate by providing the definitive certification for rating the digital connectivity of commercial buildings. To date, in excess of 400 million square feet of commercial real estate in more than 1,400 buildings has been Wired Certified globally. International demand for the digital connectivity rating system has seen the company expand operations to the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, and Canada.