We Have Moved

21 March 2018

To accommodate our continued growth, we have moved to our newly developed offices at 47-49 St Stephen’s Green. By investing in our own Estate, our new office allows us the opportunity to create a unique working environment that promotes the wellbeing of our people.

Wellness & Sustainability

IPUT’s investment in the built environment and its impact on human health and well-being is reflected in the careful design of our new office. Our new space is on track to achieve WELL Gold certification, which is based on seven categories of building performance; air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind. WELL certification is
only in its infancy in Europe with less than 10 projects achieving certification to date. The new office has also achieved an A3 energy rating placing it in the top 1% of commercial buildings in Ireland. This rating is reflective of our focus on the energy efficiency of our buildings throughout our portfolio.

Working Environment

The new space has been designed with collaboration and comfort in mind. Flexible working spaces have been designed to encourage interaction across various project teams with sit-stand desks, stand up meeting spaces, interactive touch screens and access to roof gardens while new meetings rooms, casual meeting spaces allow the team to have
an array of facilities when working.


Looking to the future, we have heavily invested in our IT & AV systems. Wireless casting and touch screens have been installed to encourage collaboration and activity in meetings, while Microsoft Surfaces have been issued allowing the team to easily work from different spaces with seamless integration with new AV systems.

Enriching our Buildings

The relationship between artwork and architecture gives our buildings life and personality. Our goal as owners and developers of over 5 million sq.ft. of commercial real estate in Dublin, is to create spaces that people enjoy. The quality of finishes and level of detailing within the office represents IPUT’s commitment to innovative and considered design.

“The move to St Stephen’s Green reflects both the ambition and personality of our business. We are authentic about promoting quality design across our Estate and in doing so, we recognise that thoughtful design will serve to improve the wellbeing of people.” Niall Gaffney, IPUT Chief Executive.