Kev Freeney

Kev’s art practice focuses on the use of light and movement. He’s interested in harnessing technology to create surreal worlds of emotive expression while situationally framing them in their surroundings. His work often finds him collaborating with other artists - especially dancers and musicians. It is here that he finds himself at his most creative - trying to find a dialect that helps express the group’s individual creative thoughts while working together. Kev likes to facilitate a space for chaos to roam and waits for unexpected moments to be captured. The work questions traditional forms of narrative found in entertainment and is often self reflective.


Around we go

Louisa gave the works of Beckett to inspire Kev’s piece. Around We Go is about inspiration - an epiphany that washes over you; leaving you floating and weightless in thought. Beckett’s existentialist words describe a great beauty that isn’t there. Kev brings the viewer into a place that is from, but not of this world. Discussing his concept with aerial silk artist Ria Murphy, they worked with Burschi Wojnar and Lewis Byrne to capture a number of movements that communicated this idea of submersion. Folding Waves recorded Sam Comferford improvising on Tenor Sax and Clarinet and created the audio accompaniment in their studio.