Shaping our city

We invest in buildings that enhance the occupier experience

Our investment strategy aligns with our philosophy to create exceptional buildings that deliver long term shareholder value, enhance the occupier experience, and contribute positively to the future shape of our city.

We achieve this under four pillars: Enriching our buildings, Greening our portfolio, A platform for Irish design, and The next chapter.


Enriching our buildings

The occupier experience is at the heart of enriching our buildings and spaces. Every new development, redevelopment or refurbishment is a fresh beginning, allowing us to incorporate the highest global standards in sustainable development and ensuring the building stands out in the Dublin market.

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Greening our portfolio

We believe a sustainable approach and financial performance go hand-in-hand. Sustainability is firmly embedded into our investment strategy and informs all of our decisions. Our buildings have world-class sustainability, connectivity and wellness credentials, making them attractive and healthy places to work.


A platform for Irish design

We have a passion for good design. We commission leading architects, designers and artists to enable us to provide the highest standard of space and experience for our occupiers. We like to use our buildings and spaces as a canvas for art, design and creativity. It improves the accessibility to public art, and it allows us to partner with local artists to explore the intersection of the urban landscape and the creative industries.

Our social responsibilities

The next chapter

Our 700,000 sq ft office development pipeline is an extraordinary opportunity to bring the next generation of offices to our city. Through Wilton Park and the Tropical Fruit Warehouse, we will be setting the standard in contemporary, sustainable buildings that appeal to the modern workforce and which will underpin strong returns for shareholders.