Shaping our city

Delivering on our strategic objectives

Our long-term strategic objectives are fundamental to how we operate.  They are central to our ability to create exceptional workspaces for our occupiers and to deliver better returns for our investors. They push us further to set the benchmark for sustainability and to play a positive and proactive part in shaping our city. They are: Greening our portfolio, Making places, Enhancing the occupier experience and Creating a space for culture.


Enhancing the occupier experience

Enhancing the occupier experience empowers our clients to lead the way. We do this by designing, developing and managing game-changing office and logistics workplaces that improve the lives of everyone who works there.

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Greening our portfolio

Every sustainable measure we take has a positive impact for the climate, our investors, our occupiers and our city.

And, as the climate crisis intensifies, we are stepping up to help forward-thinking investors and occupiers meet their carbon strategies. We have identified a Net Zero 2030 pathway that sets out the steps we will take to reduce our carbon emissions right across our business.


Creating a space for culture

We have a passion for good design. We commission leading architects, designers and artists to enable us to provide the highest standard of space and experience for our occupiers. We like to use our buildings and spaces as a canvas for art, design and creativity. It improves the accessibility to public art, and it allows us to partner with local artists to explore the intersection of the urban landscape and the creative industries.

Our social responsibilities

Making places

Our dynamic, sustainable developments reimagine, reinvent and regenerate urban areas. Attracting the very best office and logistics occupiers and benefitting the people who work, live and socialise locally.