Leading the way in impact investing

Delivering positive social outcomes for the communities and neighbourhoods in which we invest.

Social impact strategy

We take pride in investing in exceptional buildings and creating thriving neighbourhoods because we believe that doing good and generating attractive returns for our shareholders do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Our commitment is to deliver superior environments and positively influence health and wellbeing by investing in placemaking, arts & culture and improving the public realm. Social impact investing is an opportunity to do the right thing and create shared value.



We see our role as going beyond the responsibilities of a traditional developer or building owner - hosting events and building partnerships in order to create and foster a sense of community for those working in buildings within the IPUT portfolio and the wider neighbourhoods in which our buildings are located.

Our approach to social sustainability puts the needs of people in our city and neighbourhoods at its heart because we believe that people make places.

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We are passionate about facilitating and cultivating art, culture, and creativity in every way we can. Throughout our office, logistics and retail portfolio, we support and showcase Irish artists and creators - commissioning sculptures, paintings and installations that stimulate and sustain our occupiers and those who live, work, and socialise in the neighbourhoods in which our buildings are located.