Placemaking pipeline

We have a range of placemaking initiatives planned across our neighbourhoods,

In particular, our ongoing development at Wilton Park, presents us with a unique opportunity to put these theories into practice.

Wilton Park

Wilton Park is our opportunity to live out our placemaking philosophy. Our ambition is to create a vibrant and sustainable neighbourhood, combining a mix of commercial, cultural and residential amenities.

Wilton Park – the neighbourhood

Our presence in the Wilton Park neighbourhood extends back 40 years. From initial ownership of one building, we recognised the opportunity to assemble the entire Wilton Park estate which would create the potential for an extensive redevelopment and also bring the one-acre park under single ownership. Combining all assets under one owner fosters the opportunity to re-think this historic space and re-imagine it for the 21st century.

Placemaking – the opportunity

We took the opportunity to redevelop the entire Wilton Park estate while capitalising on its unique characteristics to bring true placemaking to Dublin. The one-acre park and the canal side setting offer natural amenities which are truly unique and the basis for a neighbourhood setting like no other within the city. With a future working and living population of some 5,000 people, Wilton Park represents an opportunity to create a vibrant, green city destination.

Sustainable, creative space

We are redeveloping 600,000 sq ft of mixed used commercial space at Wilton Park. On completion, Wilton Park will be the European HQ for LinkedIn. The estate has been thoughtfully designed in order to integrate the workplace environments into the streetscapes, the park and the public realm. By working with LinkedIn and Dublin City Council, our vision is to deliver a sustainable and vibrant neighbourhood to this part of the city.


A natural amenity

From July of 2021, we have commenced a meticulous restoration of Wilton Park with newly laid, irrigated lawns; gravelled tree-lined walkways; renewed seating and lighting; and wrought ironmongery; all centred on the restored Victorian water fountain as the centrepiece of the park. A new layout and openings that we have planned for the restored park will allow people flow with ease from the offices and streetscapes into the park.


Mary Lavin Place

Dublin has a rich cultural history which is recognised internationally - none more so than for its writers and poets. Wilton Park itself has close ties to many famous names of Irish literature. We intend to use the Wilton Park estate as a cultural canvas to commemorate and celebrate Irish writers and poets with the centrepiece focused on one writer in particular who lived on nearby Lad Lane, Mary Lavin.