Where Glass Meets Water

'Where Glass Meets Water' explores Dublin’s collective imagination and substance through a mythological lens.

Where Glass Meets Water

As part of our placemaking strategy, IPUT Real Estate Dublin has created ‘Living Canvas’ – a cultural initiative which establishes new ways of exhibiting artworks on large-scale outdoor formats across Dublin city centre.

'Where Glass Meets Water', a digital installation produced by Algorithm launched in November 2021 at the Tropical Fruit Warehouse, a development by IPUT Real Estate overlooking the River Liffey at the Samuel Beckett bridge. 'Where Glass Meets Water' explores Dublin’s collective imagination and substance through a mythological lens, linking the rich history of the Liffey with Dublin’s revived docklands.

The following is a graphical exploration of the story behind 'Where Glass Meets Water'.

"Anna was, Livia is, Plurabelle's to be" - James Joyce

In Finnegan’s Wake, Anna Livia Plurabelle is the personification of the Liffey. Her face, along with Atlantis are embedded on the structure of the original Tropical Fruit Warehouse, overlooking the river. This mythological figure served as the starting point for the inspiration behind ‘Where Glass Meets Water’.

Feel your breath.
Rise with the tides.

The artwork is made up of four distinct sections, each one exploring a different strand of the Tropical Fruit Warehouse’s story and set to the enduring rhythm of the city, rising and falling with the tides.

The piece celebrates the building’s history, the materials it was built with, its place in the community and its ability to inspire.

Water / rock

Where two opposing forces collide, giving birth to the River Liffey and the characters of Anna Livia Plurabelle and Atlantis.

This section pays tribute to the history and mythology of the area, as the ancient River Liffey carves her way through Dublin Bay.

We explore how the tempestuous relationship between rock and water laid bare the bedrock of the city, unearthing the materials that built the docklands and the Tropical Fruit Warehouse itself.

Glass / metal

We witness the formation of complex structures, through the combination of sand and molten Rock.

Next, our attention turns to the building’s ‘crown jewel’ – highlighting the beauty of the raw components that form the floating glass box as they reflect the rise of modern Dublin.

As light and heat form glass and metal, their mirror-like surfaces reveal evolving Irish architecture, celebrating the marriage of tradition and futurism that the Tropical Fruit Warehouse symbolises.

The city / its people

We see the human side of Dublin and the day to day momentum of life is reflected by a choreographed dance.

More than any other city in the world, the beauty of Dublin lies in the people that bring it to life.

A million stories are played out as people flow through the streets; locked in the vibrant, bustling crowds moving in mesmerising rhythm, their joyful dance a celebration of the pulse and hum of the city.

Reality / imagination

We find ourselves in familiar surroundings, lit up by the creative energy of the city.

Where do we go from here? In this time, more than ever, the possibilities are endless and this section celebrates the creativity and imagination that drives the city.

We have watched as the seeds were sown through the ages; now we experience an explosion of artistry and inspiration, as that fertile ground gives life to the untapped wonders of our collective imagination.

Tropical Fruit Warehouse

Established 1892, re-imagined 2021, the Tropical Fruit Warehouse is a newly developed office building, blending original warehouse features with modern architecture and design. The building overlooks the water and is located in the centre of Dublin’s docklands.


Successful placemaking

We have been investing in Dublin’s urban fabric for over 50 years. This long-lasting relationship with our city has instilled in us the philosophy that successful real estate owners are those that view their role as stewards of their neighbourhoods, rather than just their buildings.

What underpins this stewardship is successful placemaking. This creates more attractive places and ensures an enhanced experience for those who live and work in the neighbourhoods in which we are active.

Shaping our City

Our approach to placemaking is the practical application of our Shaping our City investment strategy. It is intended to create exceptional buildings that deliver long term shareholder value; enhance the occupier experience; use our buildings as a canvas for art and design; align with our environmental and sustainability targets; and contribute positively to the future shape of our city.