IPUT Real Estate and A&L Goodbody announce plan to create Ireland’s most sustainable building at North Wall Quay

16 February 2022

CGI of 25-28 North Wall Quay, Dublin 1.

  • North Wall Quay is being designed to be Ireland’s lowest carbon office development, achieving a 60% reduction in embodied carbon compared to a new construction project
  • Re-generation of North Wall Quay to provide A&L Goodbody with the most sustainable headquarters in Dublin
  • IPUT to accommodate A&L Goodbody within its office portfolio during re-development period
  • IPUT intends to offset the residual embodied carbon via an Irish native forestry plantation 


A&L Goodbody has occupied North Wall Quay as its corporate headquarters since 2000 and has a long-standing relationship with IPUT. The transformation of this building exemplifies IPUT’s climate action and circular economy ambitions; and A&L Goodbody’s commitment to its people and clients.


North Wall Quay | Highlights
  • Building size will increase 36% to 155,000 sq. ft. adding two new floors, rooftop landscaped terraces, a new atrium to encourage collaboration and an entirely new client floor at penthouse level.
  • Focused on sustainable transport and workforce well-being, the building will include electric car charging stations, 200 bicycle spaces, 200 lockers, a fitness room and changing facilities.
  • By retaining much of the existing structure, the development’s embodied carbon will be reduced by 60%, aiming to achieve less than 500kgCO2e/m2 upfront embodied carbon, which is IPUT’s target for all developments by 2030. This will be measured throughout the development project and confirmed at practical completion, with all upfront embodied carbon offset through IPUT’s transition fund.
  • Operational carbon emissions will also be minimised through a highly efficient all-electric energy strategy which will be powered by on-site and procured renewable electricity. The building’s energy intensity is being designed to be less than 55kWh/m2/year. IPUT will collaborate with A&L Goodbody to optimise the building’s energy performance, with smart metering installed to capture operational data.
  • North Wall Quay will achieve leading global sustainability standards including a BER A3 energy rating, LEED Platinum, Wired score Platinum, Well Gold, NZEB Compliance and Cycle Score.


Re-development of North Wall Quay is expected to commence in 2022 and is due for completion in 2024. During the re-development period, IPUT will accommodate A&L Goodbody within its existing portfolio, principally across four floors at No. 3 Dublin Landings and at The Exchange in the IFSC. 

Niall Gaffney, CEO, IPUT Real Estate, commented:

Our focus is to provide our occupiers with the most-sustainable real estate in the Irish market that meets the highest global standards for efficiency and environmental performance. In line with this ambition, we are delighted to work closely with A&L Goodbody to create Ireland’s most sustainable building at North Wall Quay. This new headquarters will set the new standard for low carbon office development in the market, while also significantly enhancing the workplace experience for A&L Goodbody employees.

The scale and quality of our portfolio means we are positioned to accommodate A&L Goodbody in prime, sustainable office space during the re-development period, allowing them to maintain a presence in Dublin’s CBD and returning to their landmark headquarters on completion of the project in 2024.

We are focused on building long-term resilience into our portfolio. That means creating assets which are sustainable – both from an environmental standing but also which support people and places in the city. In the aftermath of the pandemic, it is now more important than ever before to focus on reviving Dublin city and making it an attractive and vibrant place to live and work.


Julian Yarr, Managing Partner at ALG, said:

Our office in the IFSC has been our home for over 20 years. In that time we have quadrupled in size. We now have the unique opportunity to rebuild our home for the future – for our clients, for our people and for the community we work in. It will facilitate our ambitious growth plans and will allow us to develop a new way of working – a more agile way of working – driving our business forward for the next 20 years. We’re delighted to be working alongside IPUT, our client for over 50 years, in creating a best in class building that supports our broader sustainability goals.


About North Wall Quay

North Wall Quay is a 114,000 sq. ft. six-storey office building developed in 1999 and acquired by IPUT in 2013. IPUT will increase the size of the building by 35% to 155,000 sq. ft. adding two new floors together with new landscaped terraces which will offer panoramic views of the city together in an urban garden setting. The building will offer a new double height entrance, expansive reception area, new atrium to encourage collaboration and an entirely new client floor at penthouse level. The building will include 83 car spaces, electric charging stations, 200 bicycle spaces, 200 lockers, a fitness room and changing facilities. The building will be delivered to some of the leading global sustainability standards in the market ensuring that the building is low carbon in design and highly energy efficient in operation. The transformation of this building exemplifies IPUT’s climate action and circular economy ambitions. 


About IPUT’s Sustainability Leadership

IPUT’s decision to re-develop North Wall Quay as Ireland’s first true net zero carbon building is in line with its objective of further enhancing its sustainability leadership position in the Irish real estate market and building long term resilience into the business. To support these objectives, IPUT has detailed its net zero carbon pathway ambitions, including:

  • A commitment to decarbonising the built environment and achieving net zero carbon by 2030
  • A target to reduce embodied carbon emissions by 40% by 2030 and energy intensity by 33% by 2025
  • Establishment of transition fund of in excess of €7 million to drive innovation and delivery of targets

Further more information visit: iput.com/net-zero