Shaping our city through investment in public realm

Public realm

We have a long track record of investing in public realm, and plan to add to this by implementing the findings of our Making Place research report. This includes creating more Watering Holes, places that attract people to linger, meet and socialise, and Mind Gardens, places that support people’s individual and restorative thinking processes.

Floating Gardens

The floating gardens across our St. Stephen’s Green estate were designed to enhance the biodiversity of the surrounding area, providing a source of pollen and nectar for bees and butterflies.

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Earlsfort Gardens

During 2019, we invested in a new urban park at 5 & 6 Earlsfort Terrace, designed by award-winning landscape architect Robert Townshend. With views of the National Concert Hall, the park’s sustainable urban landscaping and reflective water feature provides a tranquil public place for occupiers and visitors alike.

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Molesworth Street

We worked closely with Dublin City Council on a conservation plan for Molesworth Street and invested in a programme of improvements to enhance the local streetscape when we developed 10 and 40 Molesworth Street. This included planting 17 Honey Locust trees, laying granite paving and widening the footpaths next to our buildings.


Wilton Park

We see the one-acre Wilton Park, on which our major development in the neighbourhood is centred, as an important renewed public space for the city. In 2019, we reopened this privately-held park in line with other public parks in the city and began a programme of improvement, such as installing new benches and rolling out a park management regime. During the summer months, we also provided deckchairs and hosted seasonal events to reactivate this space for the local community.

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